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For all those who are looking for a challenge and want to get out of their comfort zone, while developing their artistic skills and enhancing their teamwork, DA dance teams are for you!


Open to all levels!

Has it only been a few months since you started dancing, but you already want to live the experience of performing? Our choreographic workshops or our amateur troupes are made for you!


Are you looking for a challenge at a professional or very advanced level? Our semi-professional troupe or our competition programs will make you a quality dancer on stage!


Having built competitive and social dancers, we are also committed to giving you increased training in technique, musicality, history, body control, understanding of dance in couples or solo, as well as several other aspects that a dancer must master to make its dance numbers unforgettable!


Being part of a troupe is much more than just a team of dancers. It's being part of a new family! If you are looking to experience memories of life and build strong relationships, you are in the right place!


Looking forward to teaching you!


  • Choreographic Workshop

  • Ladies Team (Salsa & Bachata)

  • Reggaeton Team

  • Urban Fusion Team

  • Amateur Teams (Salsa & Bachata)

  • Semi-Professional Team

  • Kids Team (Shows & Competition)

  • Option for Pro-Am and/or Am-Am (Shows & Competition)


Are you fascinated by the world of competition?

Click below for more information!

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