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The student knows, understands and accepts all the regulations and policies

of Alejandro Dance Company.


1. The student declares to be in good health before arriving at the studio. He will not attend courses if he shows signs of fever, cough or fatigue.

2. The student recognizes that certain risks are associated with his participation in physical activities and dance. The merchant and his representatives should be relieved of any cause of action that could arise from his negligence or that of his guests.

3. The schedule posted is subject to change. A minimum of 6 people is required to open a course.

4. The student acknowledges that the school is not responsible for the risk of contamination that may have been caused by contact, whether deliberate or not, on the part of the student or that of another.

5. The school is responsible to comply fully with government directives given the current health situation, and also suggests that students follow suitable protective and hygienic measures to avoid any type of virulent spread.

6. In the event that the student wishes to cancel his session, a refund with penalty may be considered under certain circumstances. 

7. We credit only a certain amount of classes when the student is absent, depending on the package taken AND only under pre-registration for the following session, or if a private lesson is taken in order to catch up on the material.

8. If the program allows it, the student has access to an unlimited number of lessons per week, until it is completed. (Note: We still suggest taking 1 class per week for each discipline, to allow a more constant follow-up with our students)

9. The maximum number of weeks to complete the courses varies according to the package chosen. Please refer to the list of prices for more details.

10. A minimum of 12 group lessons in the same discipline is necessary before being able to change levels.

11. For any private program, the student agrees to participate in a minimum frequency of 3hrs per month.

12. In the event that the student is absent after confirming his reservation, he will be unable to resume his course. Similarly, all cancellations for group lessons must be made with a minimum of 3 hours in advance.

13. Any cancellation for private lessons must be made at least 24 hours in advance, so that the student is not penalized.

14.  Any promotional or discount subscription cannot be refunded or credited.


15. All classes will be livestreamed for those who do not wish to be physically present in the studio. Replays will be available for 48hrs.

16. In times of COVID and confinement, no reimbursement will be eligible. Only a transfer or a credit will be applied to an existing package, when the circumstances allow it. 

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