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Artistic Director


Alejandro Dance Company invites you all to overcome your

challenges in a social, physical and even professional context.

With over 20 years of experience, Carlos Alejandro Martinez

founded his school with an ideology focused on the well-being

of students who want to be pushed, entertained and acquire a

solid technique, all this, with enriched and energetic teaching.


Throughout his career, Carlos has had the privilege of being part

of many regional and national events as the main school.


To name a few:

• Jazz Festival (2010)

• Just Laugh Festival (2011)

• Host school of La Fiesta Olympica at the Olympic Stadium

(2015 to present)

• The World Salsa Summit (1st place Team Canada in 2015)

• Flashmob for the Ministry of Tourism for the

Republic Dominican (2015)

• Havana Camping Club (2016)

• Winner of the title of 'La Escuela de Baile del Año'

(Dance School of the Year) at the Canada Latin Awards (2017)

• Opening performance of the Daddy Yankee concert in

Montreal (2017)

• Host school of Canada Latin Beach (2018)

• Taco Fest Montreal (2019)


These are some examples of events that Carlos Alejandro

Martinez has participated in and continues to do so, whether

for shows, competitions or to teach.


Carlos never stopped expanding his knowledge, developing his

talent and enrich his passion for music and Latin dance. 


To this day, he has been training continuously with renowned

artists and experts in this field, such as Adolfo Indacochea, Anya Katsevman, Billy Fajardo, Julio Hong and many others.


Thanks to his knowledge and expertise, Carlos' mission is to push his students to draw inspiration from the rhythms of music and to interpret them through a dance full of flavors and sensations, without ever forgetting the technique.



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Joana grew up in Montreal, and is of Lebanese origin.

She has always been passionate about music, dance, and art in general. It wasn't until she was 19 that she took her very first lesson in Latin dance. She quickly found a passion and joy through dance. While finishing her studies in accounting, she decided to take her dance to another level, and immersed herself in the world of performance and competition.

It only took a few years for her to realize that she wanted to turn her passion into her profession. At that time, she left her office job to study dance in Los Angeles with the greatest artists in the industry. Her stay allowed her to broaden her knowledge, and to discover other styles such as ballet, jazz funk, hip-hop, HEELS lessons, and many others. She also specializes in Afro-Cuban, salsa, mambo, bachata and urban fusion.

Today, she continues to train with the biggest names in Latin and urban dances. She never stops learning and continuing to grow as a dancer. Her dance experience has allowed her to participate in several dance congresses, perform on the biggest stages in the world, and get into global competitions.

Joana is versatile in most dance styles. Her dance journey is far from over. It has only just begun! She offers many group classes at Danse Alejandro, such as Reggaeton Body Movement, Latin Body Sculpt, and more. She is also the one in charge of our kids program, and is available for private lessons.

In addition to being part of the dance troupes, she assists in the development of the dancers of the school and always seeks to transmit her knowledge and her passion to others. Her goal is to be able to make a difference on each person or dancer she meets. Her energy and ambition allowed her to rush into her dreams, and to work without limit to achieve her goals.

Her proudest moment in her career will always be the opening of Daddy Yankee's concert in Montreal, in 2017.

Camila grew up in Montreal, and is of Chilean origin.

From an early age, she has always loved to dance. At the age of 11, her parents enrolled her in an Afro-Peruvian course. A few months later, they introduced her to Latin dance, mainly being salsa. Having no coordination at the beginning of her journey, Camila persisted because she always knew that dance was her passion, and ends up succeeding.

Over the years, Camila continues to learn. She touches a little of everything: contemporary, hip-hop, jazz ballet, classical ballet, Afro-Cuban, body isolation and much more. She never let go of Latin dance. Throughout the years, she participated in competitions and performed in dance troupes across Montreal and its surroundings.

For almost 5 years, she has found a passion into transmitting her passion to her students. Camila continues her apprenticeship because she believes that dance is an evolution that we must always continue to develop as a dancer.

Camila assists the majority of group lessons, and offers private lessons.


Rahiniel was born in the Dominican Republic.


Dance has been part of his life since forever. At the age of twelve, he discovered Reggeaton and the passion for dance. Over the years, he learned to dance bachata, merengue and salsa.


While being in the Dominican Republic, he was an animator in Punta Cana for 4 years, where he learned to dance several Dominican folk dances. Rahiniel's energy is contagious and he enjoys making people dance.

Ever since he has moved to Canada, he has been teaching salsa and bachata. Dominican bachata has become, over time, his specialty. To this day, he continues to perfect his skills in dance.


He is the perfect person to liven up your evenings and heat up the dance floor during events!


Rahiniel is one of our group classes instructors, and he offers private lessons as well.

Tina was born and raised in Montreal.

Growing up, she always knew she had love for dancing, but she always said that her sister opened the door for her as she decided to follow in her footsteps.

At 19, Tina took her first salsa class and her love for Latin dancing only grew from there, from performing in congresses and local shows, to competing.


Today, Tina is focused on developing herself as a dancer by investing a lot of her time taking Latin dance, reggaeton, urban fusion, heels classes and much more!

In addition to being part of our troops and representing the school through her artistic talent, Tina is our school advisor and plays a big role in our customer service.

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