We believe in the wide range of movements that SALSA and BACHATA offer. Dance is very wide and our learning system varies every month without ever repeating the same material. No matter the level, you will always feel challenged!


BACHATA and SALSA can be divided into several branches including:

Dominican Bachata, Bachata Fusion, Salsa Style NY, Los Angeles, Pachanga, Puerto Rican Style, Rueda de Casino, Afro-Cuban Rythms, Guajira, Chachacha, Boogaloo, among many others .


Therefore, our courses are simply divided into THREE levels, which have an indefinite duration, depending on your mastery and the judgement of your instructor :

- Level '' Fundamentals ''
- Level '' Fluid ''
- Level '' Advanced ''

It is not the level that is important, but it is your ability to improvise WELL and dance with ANY type of partner in ANY circumstance. In order to get you to this goal, we divide each level into several parts such as:


Musicality, the guide, the follow-up, the interpretation, the control, the body isolation, the footwork, the figures in partnerwork, the style and its nuances and several other shutters which will make you leave your comfort zone at any time!

Do you want to learn once and for all ?! Come visit us, it will be our pleasure to open the doors to our big family!